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Made by Flinch 77
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So mu(n)ch better than a website builder

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Create anything from a captivating link page to a full-blown online store in minutes, with no subscription fees and no rules. All you’ll ever need is your phone and a couple of funky ideas. What will you make?

Join the waitlist

Yes to drag & drop, funky media, and wild templates. No to subscription fees, hosting fees, or steep learning curves. 

Create on the go, wherever you go

Click to play video about how the product works
Illustration of all the things you can add to your Munch, such as links, media, and embeds.

Create anything

Add links, media, and widgets. The only limit is your creativity (and your phone battery). Go wild!

Illustration of how you can sell with a Munch. Using video and selling products.

Engage & monetize

Create a story around what you sell, show your human face, or give a sneak peek of your new products.

Illustration of your Munch link

Share anywhere

Publish and share your munch with your audience instantly. Flex a cool handle everywhere from your link in bio to a text to your mom.

Not your average website builder

A munch is a bite-sized, bold, interactive website that’s fun to create, easy to monetize, and delightful to maintain.

Your munch could be anything, for example…

Examples of munch page use-cases. Such as Link page, shop, event, and much more.
Illustration of easy process from taking a photo of your products to selling them via a munch.

Get your online store up and running in (literally) minutes

Your munch has everything you need to supercharge your sales and turn your customers into loyalists.

• Sell your art and crafts
• Sell your courses and advice
• Sell your products

Nice, I want a store

Subscription fee? More like subscription free

We take a commission only when you start making 💸. Haven't sold anything yet? Not even planning to? Then you’ll be using Munch for free, simple as that.

become an early bird
Illustrative picture of a percent symbol. Referencing our pricing model based on transaction fees.

( transaction fee only)

Limited Offer for early-birds

Plenty of fresh templates, ready for you to remix

Start with a blank canvas — or find what you like, remix, and make it all yours.

Munch page template example
sell small
sell small
sell your way
sell your way
make more hunny
make more hunny
make things
make things
make things
make things
create a story
create a story
create a story
create a story
share your passion
share your passion
share your passion
share your passion

Your hype while
we’re baking


”The hype is real! Creatives needed a platform like this for so long! Thank you ⭐️”


"I love that my site can be as fun and unique as pieces I'm selling!"

— Evie


”I’m so excited to try this!!️ Is it already possible to get early access??”

— Erifili


”Any chance I could get an early access?️ 😇😏”

— Matt


”Every time someone gets a munch site, a UI or UX designer will die.”

— Adam